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[ speeds are only relative to your connection speed with this website ]

Perfect Result

When you are using an internet connection, it is too much require to know what is your internet connection speed. because without it you cannot understand your spinternet connection quality. give you that freedom to test your internet connection speed free of cost.

Simple to Use

No hard things to do a speed test.. Just openup your browser. Make sure you have flash plugin installed, go to address bar and type and hit Enter. Thats it! You are ready to go. Click on the Begin Test Button and See the magic.

Interactive and Fun

The total software is made in flash to give you more interactive fun at the time of using it. This software will not hard you computer anyway and will not copy anything from your computer. So, use it being tention free. And if you face any problem , we are always here for you. :)

Main Features

The Main feature of is accuracy. Test your internet connection speed like never before. internet speed test results are as perfect as you see never before. Just click on the begin test button and See the magis. It will show you the perfect uploading and downloading speed depending upon your internet connection speed. What you have to do is just install adobe flash plugin and open and hit the Begin Test button. BOOM! Within a few seconds, your internet connection speed test result is just before your eyes. And if you face any problem at the time of speed testing, feel free to mail us on